"Jodi helped me articulate the key questions I needed to explore and then translated that into a structured coaching program. With her guidance, I was able to make real progress on issues I had been trying to address for years on my own. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.” - Roxane Poulin, Facilitator and Communications Executive, Yellowknife, NWT

"Jodi's skills as a coach and facilitator are evident from the moment you enter the room. She displays a unique combination of skills that ensured I got the most out of the session - she was always empathetic, but also not afraid to be provocative and push me to go deeper and further. She challenged me to get past what I thought I knew, or where I had been previously stuck, in order to find new truths and insights - which made the session incredibly powerful. Thanks for the gentle, yet firm, guidance and support! The work lives long past the end of the session - it is a part of my everyday life now.”- Shawn Silzer, Senior Manager E-Source, Regina, SK

“Jodi is an inspiring coach. She is 100% non-judgemental and truly listened with keen attention and intuition to every word I said. My coaching program was very specific to what I was working on and when I was struggling with particular practices she would always remind me of the progress I was making on my objectives and be there to support me.”- Michele Culhane, Water Resource Specialist, Yellowknife, NWT

"Jodi tailored our sessions so that by the end of our time together, I had a very clear idea of my goals and objectives for retirement. Jodi created the whole program to suit my learning style. She was extremely flexible. For anyone struggling with how to go forward with a life goal, I’d highly recommend Jodi’s program." - Lynn Hamilton, Senior Account Manager, MGM Communications, Regina, SK

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